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Road Trip to Cape of Good Hope and How to Do It

Cape Town is a city packed with many activities, and there's a lot to do in the city. My highlight of all the activities I've done during eight weeks in Cape Town was the road trip to Cape of Good Hope.

Why? Because it's filled with many impressive stops and breathtaking landscapes. Additionally, it can be done completely independently.

If you're looking for a full guide to make your road trip to Cape of Good Hope as unforgettable as mine was, then I recommend keep reading because, in this blog post, I'm going to share the ultimate route to Cape of Good Hope (which is approved by me) and explain in detail, which the best stops are.

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How to Get to Cape of Good Hope

One of the most important things to handle before starting your road trip is choosing your way of transportation. There are three options: a guided tour, hiring a private driver, or driving by yourself.

In my opinion, renting a car is the only way to experience it fully. Nevertheless, I'm going to introduce all three options here (otherwise it wouldn't be a comprehensive guide).

Cape of Good Hope with a Guided Tour

A guided tour is the easiest and most comfortable way to visit the Cape of Good Hope. Hop on the bus, listen to your tour guide, and hop off the bus, whenever you're told so. Don't get me wrong, a guided tour is one of the cheapest options, you get tons of information, and the biggest advantage is that you don't have to plan it by yourself.

If that sounds appealing to you, I've picked you the best-rated tour for that here. On this tour you even have a one-hour boat tour in Hout Bay included, you spend 1.5 hours in Cape Point, have lunch at Boulder's Beach, and a photo stop at Kalk Bay included. All that for less than $40.

Cape of Good Hope by Private Driver

For those who can't drive but still want to travel independently and make stops wherever you want, this option is for you. Hiring a private driver can be expensive, depending on what kind of driver you choose.

If you're choosing an official driver, the cost for it can be up to $250 for a full day. The driver (8-9 hours), lunch, water, and fuel are included in that price. Honestly, not that bad. However, if you talk with your Uber drivers, one of them might offer you a better price (without lunch and water). The prices vary from 1,500 to 3,000 ZAR. That's approximately $80-$160.

Cape of Good Hope by Car

Lastly, my recommended way to do this unique road trip is by your own and a rented car. It's an independent way to travel and driving through the landscape by yourself a memorable experience.

Depending on your choice of car the price of this trip can vary. You get a rented car for only $10 a day, add roughly $50 for fuel and it can be quite affordable.

✨ Want to make it truly special? Then I suggest to rent an old Jeep Wrangler from the car-sharing company Wiggle. The company specializes in renting cars that are luxurious and unique. The staff provides excellent service and is flexible, friendly, and helpful (not sponsored!)

The Best Route to Cape of Good Hope

Before diving into a detailed explanation of each stop on the route, let's first take a look at it. This route has been crafted from my personal experience, and I was fully satisfied with it.

I've added pins (📍) on the map below, which are all eight stops during the road trip, where I highly recommend doing a stop. This serves as an overview, but let me explain the route in more detail.

Starting Point: Cape Town

If you've decided to do a guided tour or rent a car your starting point will be in the city center of Cape Town. I recommend starting your road trip around 10 a.m. so that you don't have to rush through all the stops and really can take your time.

❗️This explanation is suitable for those who haven't chosen the guided tour. If you've chosen the guided tour, you are not able to follow this route and have to adjust to the company's route.

Starting from a location in downtown Cape Town I recommend following the route from V&A Waterfront to Sea Point to Camps Bay. The whole road is alongside the sea - the perfect start for your road trip.

Breakfast Stop: Hout Bay

The first stop along the way is Hout Bay, a charming town surrounded by mountains and known for fishing and seafood. Here, you could stop for breakfast (for those who haven't had breakfast), walk through the town, and drink a coffee at one of the many cute cafés.

I also recommend stopping at a grocery and grabbing snacks for the ride and buying food for a picnic (optional). If a stroll through the town is done, head back to your car and continue your trip.

Two Ways to Simon's Town

There are two possible ways from Hout Bay to Simon's Town: You can either drive through Chapman's Peak, the most famous drive route in South Africa, or make a detour through Constantia, where you drive through the Constantia Wine Route.

I saved myself the ride through Chapman's Peak for sunset and decided for the detour through Constantia.

If you've chosen the same way, head towards Muizenberg after you've arrived at Constantia. Muizenberg is a small town known for good waves for surfers, especially beginners. I skipped this destination since I had already done a day trip to Muizenberg.

From Muizenberg drive towards Simon's Town. Along the way, you could stop at Kalk Bay, a harbor known as a good place to spot seals.

Once you've arrived in Simon's Town, you can either stop for lunch or explore the charming fish town. Simon's Town is also one of South Africa's oldest towns and is known for being one of the biggest Navy bases.

Seeing Penguins at Boulders Beach

One of the main tourist attractions in South Africa is seeing the penguins at Boulders Beach and for this reason the next stop on this road trip. Boulder's Beach is located in Simon's Town, a short drive from the center. Once arrive at the parking area, you must take a short walk to the right and you're almost there. The pathway to the entrance is very well-signed. At the entrance, you must pay an entry fee of R400 ($20) before experiencing the waddling birds.

🤫 Shhhhh. I'm going to share a top secret. Luckily, a local whispered in my ear that there is a spot where you can see the penguins without paying an entry fee. You won't see as many penguins as in the official place, but it's less crowded. If you're interested in saving money, escaping the crowds, and seeing the penguins, you should visit Seaforth Beach instead.

Cape of Good Hope

From Boulder's Beach, you're approximately only 30 minutes away from your main destination, Cape of Good Hope. Head south, drive along the ocean and before arriving, enjoy the beautiful landscape of Cape Point National Park. The entry fee for entering the National Park is R376 which is roughly around $20.

👉🏽 Make sure to check the checkout time. Checking out too late will be punished with an R500 fine.

While driving through the national park you should keep your eyes open. If you're lucky, you can spot wild animals on your way south, such as ostrich, antelopes, or even monkeys. The drive through the national parks takes around fifteen minutes. Park your car in the designated area and take a short hike up the hill. On top of the hill enjoy the mesmerizing view from Cape of Good Hope of the endless ocean.

💡 Some interesting facts about Cape of Good Hope:

  • Cape of Good Hope became its name from a Portuguese king. The purpose of this uplifting name was, that it should attract more sailors to take the challenging sea route to Asia.

  • There are two misbeliefs about this place: It's the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and it's the southern tip of Africa. Well, both statements are false. The southern tip and the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans at the same time is Cape Agulhas.

Enjoy Your Private Picnic at Dias Beach

The next stop is the perfect place to have the nice little picnic I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post. After driving, exploring, and processing the many impressions, you might be hungry and need to recharge your batteries. Located a short drive west of Cape of Good Hope, you find another parking area. Grab your towels, food, and drinks, and head down to Dias Beach.

Starting from the wooden walkway toward Cape of Good Hope, you find a junction to the beach. Not many tourists are willing to get down there due to the many steps and steep paths. Lucky for you, if you want to enjoy a private picnic all by yourself (most of the time!) Watch the seals swimming in the waves, enjoy your food, relax, take pictures, and enjoy your time.

New Cape Point Lighthouse

It's time to make your way back to the parking area and also for one of the last stops of this road trip. From the parking area walk the other direction (there's a clear sign that guides you to the right way) to New Cape Point Lighthouse. The walk to the lighthouse is very pleasant and not too exhausting. Again, you will be rewarded with a marvelous view.

☝🏽 Warning! It gets quite windy there. Make sure you bring a jacket with you.

The Scenic Drive through Chapman's Peak

The sun is slowly going down and it's time for your final destination. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful and scenic drives I've ever experienced in my life. The journey is the aim and the most fun part, with many lookout opportunities. Accompanied by a stunning sunset, I'm sure it'll be an experience you'll never forget in your life.

❗️Please drive carefully! Chapman's Peak is a narrow street on a cliff. Please drive slowly rather than cause an accident.

💡 Keep in mind that it takes around 50 minutes to get from New Cape Point Lighthouse to Chapman's Peak, and make sure to check, when the sun sets. It will be a pity if you miss the sunset.


That's it. For me, it was one of the most beautiful days I've had in my life and I deeply hope it will be an unforgettable experience for you too.

If you've gone the same route as I did, it would mean the world to me, if you'd share your experience with me ♥️

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