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The 7 Best Restaurants in Zurich for Plant-Based Eaters (2023)

Are you looking for great places to dine in Zurich that support your plant-based diet? Look no more! As a former resident of Zurich, it was my mission to try out as many mouthwatering restaurants in Zurich. I've created a list of my seven favorite restaurants that offer vegetarian/vegan dishes or are entirely vegetarian. All restaurants mentioned are perfect for those who like to nourish their body with balanced, plant-focused meals and enjoy the diversity of Zurich's localities.

1. Tenz - Mouthwatering Tibetan Dumplings

I'm a proud member of accompanying the success story of Tenz. They started small as a family business presenting Tibetan dumplings on street food markets. They quickly became popular among foodies - everyone loved the handmade dumplings called Momos in Tibet. At exactly such a food festival, I fell in love with Tenz.

Tibetan Dumblings

The owner realized quickly, that the popularity was his chance to settle down somewhere. He opened his first restaurant in the heart of Zurich, in Lochergut. Today, Tenz has opened five more restaurants, and I bet even more are coming.

At the start, their menu was humble. They offered only three types of Momos, two different salads, and one dessert on their menu. The menu is wider today, but still heavily focused on serving delicious Tibetan dumplings. They have added one dumpling with a new filling, have a few side dishes more, and instead of one dessert, you can choose between three.

As mentioned, Tenz offers dumplings with four different fillings:

  • Vegetarian: Potatoes, champignons, paneer (Indian cheese), peas, tofu, and spinach

  • Vegan: Champignons and shiitake mushrooms, chickpeas, and cilantro

  • Beef: Swiss beef mixed with herbs and spices

  • Something New: Spinach, ricotta, and a cheese mix

Once the dumplings are served, you enjoy them with your self-mixed sauce that contains soy sauce and their homemade (really) spicy chili.

2. Co Chin Chin - A Journey to Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is known for being plant-based friendly with lots of vegetarian dishes. Every dish in Vietnam is accompanied by lots of different herbs and veggies. It never was easier in Southeast Asia to eat plant-based than in Vietnam (read more about it on my Vietnam travel guide here).

However, you don't need to travel far to witness the varied cuisine in Zurich. Co Chin Chin has your back, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant located between Langstrasse and Limmatplatz.

On the menu, you find many typical Vietnamese delights such as Banh Xeo, Phô, and freshly made Summer Rolls. The best restaurant in Zurich to indulge in authentic Vietnamese food.

Zurich Plant-Based Restaurant: Co Chin Chin

3. Beetnut - Eat A Rainbow Bowl

One of the best ways to nourish your body with all needed micro and macro nutrients is by eating Buddha Bowls. I'm a fan of eating a plate that looks like a rainbow. Beetnut is exactly the place, where you can enjoy a bowl full of veggies, grains, and seeds.

A place that focuses on plant-based eating, which doesn't exactly mean not eating any meat or fish (interested in learning more about a plant-based diet? Read more here) rather balanced, diverse with a focus on plants.

❤️ My favorite is the Buddha Style Bowl with crispy tofu.

Zurich Beetnut Buddha Bowls

4. mit & ohne - Fast Food but Plant-Based

Lochergut is one of the most popular areas in Zurich and with a good reason. An area full of hip restaurants and bars is just around the corner, and the eatery mit&ohne is one among them.

The owner came up with a simple but fantastic idea - offering kebabs with a plant-based alternative. The substitute is made by planted. a Swiss-based company that has invented meat substitutes that are healthy, plant-based, and quickly prepared.

Besides offering plant-based kebabs, all ingredients of the kebab are freshly made. The pita bread is baked right in front of you, the salad is juicy, the guacamole looks fresh, and the sauce is rich in flavor.

You can indulge in a classic kebab, with basic ingredients, or if you like to spice it up, add one of their extras. I recommend adding cherry tomatoes and avocado - my favorite combo.

❗️ Due to its popularity it gets quite busy between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. and it's best to avoid the rush hours for those who can't, expect to wait 30 minutes until you receive your kebab.

Zurich Döner Kebab

5. Le Cèdre - Lebanese Love on Every Plate

Immerse yourself in Middle Eastern culture and visit Le Cèdre, where belly dancers will accompany your dinner. It's the best place to enjoy authentic Lebanese Mezzeh in Zurich. The restaurant wide assortment of different hot and cold Mezzeh.

The restaurant is run by a Lebanese immigrant. He opened the first Le Cedrè in 1996 and was one of the first who introduced Swiss people to Hummus and Baba Ganoush - with success. Le Cedrè is present in many corners of Zurich. My favorite location is the one at Badenerstrasse.

Shared Mezze at Le Cedrè

6. Ooki - Indulge Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is so much more than just sushi.

I absolutely adore Japanese cuisine, although it's not very vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Most of the dishes contain fish, seafood, or meat. I heard, that eating vegetarian in Japan must be challenging.

However, the restaurant Ooki in Zurich offers great meat substitutes in their dishes. By that, it is possible to experience the flavorful Japanese cuisine. It's the best way to find pleasure in authentic Japanese cuisine vegetarian.

❤️ I'm a fan of the Vegetarian Tantanmen Ramen. A big plus is that at Ooki you can determine the level of spiciness - because I like it really spicy.

7. Hiltl - World's First Veg

A blog post about plant-based restaurants in Zurich can't miss mentioning Hiltl. Why? It is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world! The Hiltl has been offering vegetarian and vegan dishes since 1898 and is based in Zurich. The family business has been run for four generations and had and still has a major influence on the vegetarian/vegan scene in Zurich.

At Hiltl you find lots of lovingly prepared dishes in a buffet. You fill your plate, bring it to the checkout, and pay by weight. At the buffet, you find the finest vegetarian/vegan dishes from all over the world. You can mix between curries from Thailand or India, stews from Russia, Middle Eastern mezze, and typical Swiss re-invented "meat" dishes. You pay 4.50 CHF for every 100g (Swiss Franc is almost equal to USD and Euros).

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