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In my opinion, Vietnam is full of exploring the culture in cities. Compared with other South East Asian countries you’ll find yourself constantly walking and experiencing than relaxing at a beach. This itinerary can be done in two ways: starting from the North and going all the way South, or the other way around. This itinerary starts from the South.

Arriving in (1) Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll find yourself in a brisk and vivid place. In the beginning, it might be shocking because walking around isn’t as easy as in other countries. Scooters are driving around and coming literally from everywhere. The constant honks can drive you nuts and crossing a street has never been so challenging. Surely, you need to adjust to this culture. However, Ho Chi Minh City is packed with many things to do, which is why you could easily spend a whole week here. I suggest staying at least five days in Ho Chi Minh City for many reasons. One is definitely to arrive comfortable and give yourself time to acclimate. Make sure to book a hotel or an Airbnb located in a central place, it will make discovering the place much easier. Exploring the city by foot was one of my favorite things to do here and will save you money. The city offers fascinating museums, delicious places to dine in, and an invigorating atmosphere.

After Ho Chi Minh you could either take a night bus or, the more convenient way, take a flight to (3) Da Nang. Take a Grab that transfers you to (2) Hoi An, a beautiful small historical town, where you can stroll around, drink lots of coffee, and immerse yourself in a unique Vietnamese life. It’s not very big, and Hoi An is also a perfect one-day trip. However, I suggest staying overnight and heading then back to (3) Da Nang afterward. Da Nang is similar to Ho Chi Minh, a big city but not as lively. I highly recommend doing a cooking class in Da Nang, exploring the bridges, and enjoying even more fantastic food. Stay at least two nights in Da Nang, before you head North to Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.

In this itinerary, (4) Hanoi is going to be your last stop. Similar to Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh it is a bigger city. Hanoi is primarily known for its old town. Same as in Ho Chi Minh, I recommend you spend five more days.

💡 Important:

If you’re planning your trip to Vietnam, it would be wise to book flights arriving in Ho Chi Minh and departing from Hanoi. Otherwise, you need to go all the way South again.


Now you’re all set for your Vietnam trip. For even more details about what you can do at these recommended places, visit the following blog entries:

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