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Canggu is one of the most famous places in Bali and is known for accommodating digital nomads from all over the world. I kinda lived in Canggu for over a month and let me say one thing about this place; you won't find so many good-looking food options for such an incredibly cheap price in another place and it's definitely the main reason to visit this place.


Things to do:

First things first, Canggu is the perfect place for eating brunch. Every desired food dream will be completed. Just open Google Maps and search for whatever you're longing for. It's a very good place for people, who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet since almost every restaurant offers you such options. You'll find a detailed list of recommended restaurants here.

Surfers from all over the world visit the South-East coastline of Bali to catch some waves. If you'd like to try your luck on a surfboard Batu Bolong is known for being a beginner friendly and you can easily book a private surf lesson with a local. It costs 300'000 IDR and takes around two hours. If you have already gained some experience, you can also rent a surfboard and try to catch some waves on your own. Renting a surfboard is very affordable and will only cost you 50'000 IDR for around two hours.

The beaches of Canggu don't belong to the most beautiful ones, but if you'd like to tan a bit and relax at the beach, you have three options:

  • Batu Bolong is the most crowded one since it's a famous spot for surfing. You can rent a lounge chair (150'000 IDR for two) and spend your day here. It's also a nice spot to enjoy the sunset.

  • A bit less crowded than Batu Bolong is Echo beach. It's also a good spot for surfing and watching the sunset.

  • If you'd like to walk at the beach, I'd recommend you Pantai Berawa. This beach section also accommodates the bigger hotels and the famous Finns Beach Club is also located there.

Enjoying the sunset is, in general, a big thing in Canggu, since the sun sets perfectly and some spots offer you a great vibe and viewing point. If the weather condition is nice, you can enjoy the sunset at SandBar, where they play some live music. If you're at Batu Bolong and you're heading to Echo beach, you must walk through some restaurants, and if you're lucky you can snatch a front-row seat in one of them, enjoy a drink or even eat dinner.

Doing workshops is a thing in Canggu and I did the jewelry class, where I created my own cute little keychain. They offer daily classes and you can bring a picture of your inspiration. The most common course takes around 3 hours and costs 95$ for two people (it's actually the couple class). It was a nice experience, although most of the work is done by the guide and if you're interested in the process you have to ask them. In the end, you'll hold something in your hands, that'll last forever. Another nice workshop is the perfume workshop at Our Projects, where you create your own fragrance.

Canggu is also a nice place for shopping since small cute boutiques are almost everywhere. The shops offer you mid-priced clothes and jewelry. A good street for your shopping experience is Jl. Munduk Catu, since lots of shops are located here.

A good starting point for your shopping mission could be the Anchor Market which is in general worth visiting. Just the perfect place to buy a souvenir for yourself or your loved ones at home.

Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to visit the organic market at La Brisa, but since I've heard just positive feedback about it, I have to mention it as well. It takes place every Sunday, where they sell fresh, organic products.

Littering is a problem and unfortunately, the trash also finds its way to the beach. If you'd like to do something for the environment and our planet, just volunteer for a clean up activity. At Old Man's there's such an action every Saturday, just ask the staff for more details or you can attend on Sunday's clean up event from the Trash Hero Canggu. Check their Instagram here to get more information.


During my first visit to Canggu, I stayed at Rio's Guest House. A nice homestay, that is located in the Berawa area and not too far from the famous Canggu shortcut. What speaks for that homestay was the nice interior and quiet environment.

On my second visit, we had a great stay at the Sama's Apartment. Especially the location was just perfect since it's right next to the Canggu shortcut, that is bringing you to the Pantai Batu Bolong area (the most crowds area with lots of restaurant options, access to Batu Bolong and Echo Beach, and main shopping street) and the Berawa Area (also good restaurant options, less shopping, but most clubs are there including the beach clubs). In other words, everything you need is almost around the corner.


Partying is a big thing in Canggu and every night something is going on. In other words, you won't get bored in terms of partying. Some days are dedicated to specific places, where most of the people go.

Mondays are the night when the restaurant Luigi's Hot Pizza turns into a club and is the place to go. The party starts around 6-7 pm and until 12 am. The entry fee is 100'000 IDR and if you're lucky, you're able to make a reservation for a table, where you first eat a pizza and slowly adjust yourself to the party vibe.

Old Man's is a place, that's good every evening, but Wednesday is the night when it's most packed. The DJ plays common hits, some mash-ups, or Hip Hop. But to be honest, you won't really know, what music will be played.

Since almost every bar shuts down around 12 or 1 am (they don't really have official closing times though) everyone is heading to the SandBar. It's the place that is open until the sun rises. Amazing vibe, right at the Batu Bolong beach. The bar offers also a tattoo station, where you could get a tattoo


If you like Latin music, The Velvet Room plays Spanish tunes every Saturday. It's a bit hidden and if you arrive before midnight entry is free. They have good cocktails and it's air-conditioned. I didn't really stay long there but could be worth giving it a try.

Another club that is famous for its techno music and boiler room-style interior, is The Vault. The entry is 200'000 IDR, which is expensive, but if you would like to listen to electronic music The Vault will be your place. I wasn't really a fan of the sound system, but the vibe of an underground club was nice.

Last but not least, a club recommendation in Seminyak. Even though I never was there, I heard good stuff about this place and thought, I must mention it anyways. La Favela is a huge club with many dance floors that offers all kinds of music. Just the interior itself should be worth visiting and you can dance all night long. The best nights to visit should be from Wednesday to Saturday.

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