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If you're googling about Bali, the most breathtaking pictures are made in Nusa Penida. If you want to see crystal blue water, where nicely formed stone rocks stick out of the water, yes, Nusa Penida will definitely be your place.

How to get from Bali to Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a short boat ride away from Bali and is only reachable by boat. The ocean can get wild, and hence, the crossing is challenging. If you get seasick easily, maybe you need to swallow a pill beforehand. Get a Grab or taxi, from wherever you are and head towards the harbor in Sanur. You can either reserve a spot on the boat online (we booked here), or get a ticket directly at the ticket office. Depending on the weather and ocean conditions it takes approximately 45 minutes to get to the island.

Things to do

This is probably the number one place to visit and definitely worth the ride. Kelingking Beach or also known as dinosaur beach is the most photographed place in Bali. Therefore, it’s always crowded and you must be very lucky to find a place for yourself. The view of it is breathtaking, especially during sunset time. If you want, you can also hike down to the beach, take a swim in the clear water and enjoy the nice beach. Just let me say this; it won’t be an easy descent.

Unfortunately, it was raining when we were heading to Broken Beach, but definitely another wonder of nature to see in Nusa Penida. It’s a natural bay where its cliff has broken into an arch. Next to Broken Beach is also Angel’s Billabong, a natural pool. Just be careful while taking selfies around this area, lots of careless tourists have fallen into the ocean and the waves are very strong.

My favorite thing to do in Nusa Penida definitely was visiting Diamond Beach. The descent isn't easy either and if you’re scared of heights, good luck then. The narrow way down is not secured and has lots of steps. At some point, a little climbing is required as well. But let me say this, once you get down, a magnificent beach awaits you with crystal clear water, a white sand beach, and palm trees. Just be careful swimming in the ocean, due to the strong stream, good swimming qualities are needed, otherwise, it could get dangerous for you. There aren't any facilities there, nor a lifeguard, so if you get thirsty, bring enough water and make sure you have eaten before you go down.

Where to eat in Nusa Penida

Once arrived in Nusa Penida, you won’t be spoiled by thousands of eating options, where you can be sure, you'll receive fancy-looking food. One good thing about that is, that you aren’t conflicted about the choice of options anymore, but if you’re a bit picky, like I am (looking for nourishing healthy vegetarian food) it takes a bit of research to find a good spot.

When we arrived at the island, we walked past Wyn’s Cafe and gave it a try. It’s a passable place to eat. In my opinion, the Nasi Goreng was a bit overpriced compared to other places and the Buddha bowl with roasted vegetables was way too oily for me. Maybe some other food choice would have been better.

When we were heading back from exploring the East side of the island we made a stop at The Chill. It’s a nice place to hang out after a day of exploring the island. The staff of the restaurant was very welcoming, and it's located right next to the ocean, so you’ll get a stunning view with an infinity pool as well. If you’d like to dine in they provide a wide menu, from Indonesia to western dishes. I just had an ice-cold coconut, but the atmosphere was perfect to wind down and take a short nap. Definitely worth visiting.

Coco Penida Restaurant & Bar is a bit outside from the center and perfect for starting your exploring East-coast tour, hence it’s on the road towards Diamond beach. It’s also a great place to chill out and spend a relaxing day there as well.

Sunny Cafe was a good place that had everything I was looking for, most important my smoothie bowls in the morning. I had the berry bowl for breakfast and when we revisited this place for dinner, I enjoyed a huge bowl of vegetable curry with rice. Everything was well-cooked and delicious.

The next place was one of the cutest spots we’ve eaten at while we were in Indonesia. Warung Jun has located a little bit away from the center, approximately a 10 minutes scooter ride. A very small restaurant that you can miss easily. It offers typical freshly made Indonesian food by a local family. They cook the food right after you order it, so it takes some time, but as already said, great value. We paid less than 5$ for four dishes! Definitely worth visiting.

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