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my name is Shila Beloya

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog!


The fact you're in this section is probably because you would like to know more about me and my blog.

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My Story

As already mentioned above, I'm Shila.

I lived almost my entire life in Zurich, Switzerland, and have been traveling on a regular basis around the world. Yes, past tense, I lived in Zurich. In September 2022 I gave up my flat, put all my personal belongings into boxes, stored them, and have been traveling full-time since then.

The Inspiration

My grandmother, who's traveled over 150 countries was and still is an inspiring person and my idol. As a trained photographer, she has been documenting her travels with a camera and created for each country a detailed photo album. Every time she returned from traveling, all her family members and friends had to look at it, while she was reporting about all her experiences and impressions.

Until now, she says, she proudly look through her photo albums and reminisce about her travels. A great way to keep hold of it.

When I started to travel, I recognized that I shared her passions. I like travelling, too and I like to photograph and document my experiences as well. Having this blog lets me follow her footsteps, and maybe my grand-children will look through my blog as I looked through her photo albums.

The Beginning

I can't really remember, when I actually started photograph my travels carefully, but I remember that in 2019, while I was travelling Thailand, I brought my digital camera with me and consciously took photos of everything. I travelled solo, and it was very important to me, to document it thoughtfully. When I came back, I proudly showed the pictures to my family members and friends as well.

A while later, during the pandemic in 2021, I decided to travel Mexico and travelled the country for almost six months. My friends and others were asking me for travel tips, so I started to additionally note down all the places I'd been eating, drinking and visiting.


Before I head to Sri Lanka, I already had my thoughts about having my own blog and while I was there, I started to combine both tasks; taking pictures and noting down my adventures. I used an app to create something similar to a blog privately, and whenever someone was interested in my travels, I shared my notes with them.


The process of creating was so much fun and since then, my head was spinning around to realise the idea of having my own blog. "Why not publishing it?", I was asking myself and I found no real arguments against it. This was the starting point of Sustainable Nomad.

After graduation, in July 2022, I set myself a goal: Travelling as much as I can, working on my own blog and publish it and here I am - having my own blog.

Thank you!

By reading my blog, you encourage my passions and the dream of traveling full-time. 

Thank you for supporting me and joining my journey.

Lots of love,



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