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The Ultimate Carry-On Packing List for Women on the Go

Going on a trip is exciting but packing is not - at least for me. I can't count how many times I've packed for a trip and struggled with packing.

I preach to travel as lightly as possible (read here why!) but honestly, I struggle with it too. To be more efficient, I worked with many lists found on Google and Pinterest, but I needed more guidance or numbers as references. I ended up bringing too many trousers, not enough sporting clothes, or figured, one sneaker would be enough.

A never-ending struggle that l led me to the idea of creating my very own list and sharing it on my blog. After returning home, repacking my backpack, and packing for the next destination a thousand times in the past three years, I have created this ultimate packing list for women (sorry guys! 🫣)

A useful list that I adjusted to perfection that comes in handy for those who need numbers for everything. If you also get a headache while packing, this might be helpful for you.


This packing list is suitable for traveling to tropical or mostly hot countries, such as in South East Asia or Central America.

Table of Contents:

Important Stuff That Can't Be Missed in Your Packing List

No matter what happens, if you have your passport, phone, and your wallet with you, everything can happen but you'll always be able to find a solution. Plus, I find it quite convenient to have a pen with me.

Useful Electronics for Traveling

What electronics you'd like to bring with you is very individual and depends on what you do while traveling. Would you like to work while you're abroad, a laptop is a must. Want to watch Netflix while on the road? Watching TV on your iPad is more comfortable than your phone and more lightweight than your laptop.

However, what you should bring or not is up to you. What is important, is to check which port is needed for every device. Is it a USB-C, Micro USB, or Lightning (Apple Devices)? Bring one charging cable for each port.

Next, a power bank can be a lifesaver, especially when you're on an 11-hour bus trip to your next destination and you can't charge your phone. I recommend bringing a power bank with a capacity of at least 10,000 mAh - this means you should be able to charge your phone up to four times.

If you don't want to limit yourself to a book and you want the whole library available, get yourself an e-reader. They're very lightweight and practical.

Another important electronic item I can't live without is headphones. Nowadays, almost everyone has wireless headphones and you should bring them with you while on your travels. I like you have some wired headphones with me as well. Why? Because the headphones you get while on a flight are uncomfortable and have bad quality or in case you forgot to charge your wireless ones.

Lastly, two things that might be not a must for everyone: a tripod and a smartwatch. Only bring a tripod, if you'd like to take photos or videos of yourself without bothering someone else. A smartwatch is practical if you go to the gym or would wear one in general.

Carry-On Electronics

Toiletries A Woman Needs

This might be the biggest challenge for everyone who wants to travel by carry-on only. I often get questions about what I do with the liquids since you are very limited due to airplane rules.

The answer: I only bring a starter kit with me. That means bottled shampoo, body lotion, etc. Of course, my make-up stuff (foundation, blush, bronzer, and much more). Keep in mind that you can always buy those items abroad too. There is no need to bring everything from home with you.

Less Clothes is More!

What clothes you'd like to bring with you is very individual. Some girls like to wear dresses all the time, some walk around in their gym sets, and people like me get cold quite easily and pack lots of pants.

The list down below is an inspiration that gives you an idea of how many items you should pack, or how many items actually fit in a carry-on luggage. I had exactly this amount of clothes with me and they fit perfectly fine in my backpack and were not too heavy.

The Ultimate Packing List

Here it is, the packing list I have worked with since I started traveling full-time. I hope it's as useful for you as it is for me.

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