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Down South, there's a tiny island shaped like a teardrop called Siargao. Probably one of the reasons it might sound familiar to you is, that a very big surf tournament is held here. Honestly, Siargao is known for being a good surf spot, that offers waves for every level.

I spent almost a month in Siargao and it definitely has its charm with thousands of palm trees, the sound of the ocean, and dreamlike beaches.


As already mentioned, Siargao is especially known as the surf town of the Philippines and one of the biggest surf tournaments is held here annually. Therefore, surfing must be on your Siargao's to-do list and, in my opinion, is what makes this place special. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer, because Siargao offers enough surf spots for everyone.

If you're a beginner, I can highly recommend Jacking Horse as your surf break. It's around 300 meters away from Cloud 9 and offers small waves, shallow water, and quick access to it. Friendly locals will even sometimes tell you, which wave you should take or even push you into it.


Renting a surfboard will cost you around 200 - 500 PHP, depending on the duration of the rental.

200 PHP for an hour, 300 PHP for two hours, and 500 PHP for the whole day.

Not a surfer but you’d like to learn it? A surf lesson with a teacher costs 1000 PHP and contains two hours. You’ll be very exhausted after it, but spots for recharging your battery aren’t too far away. Read here about the best restaurants and cafes in Siargao.

PS: The options for surfboards are limited and during peak times, like the afternoon, you kind of must accept what you get.

There are also other surf spots around Siargao's coastline, here's a list:

  • Cloud 9 (Expert)

  • Quicksilver (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Daku (Intermediate)

  • Pacifico (Expert)

  • Salvacion (Intermediate)

  • Giwan (Beginner)

and a map as well:

Coconut Tree View Deck

If you have your own scooter/motorbike then you need to explore Siargao and ride to the middle of the island. One palm tree after another forms a unique and breathtaking scenery. After around 30 minutes there’s the perfect photo spot, for capturing the landscape. The Coconut Tree View Deck gives you a great overview from above and until the end of the horizon, you’ll see just one coconut tree after another.

Locals will await you and offer you the most incredible service, taking photos for you with the greatest effort. They jump, make jokes, and will photograph you from every angle possible. You’ll definitely get your unforgettable shot.

Maasin River

The next thing to do on Siargao is not far away from the view deck and those two destinations should be combined. Just head slightly further to the North and you’ll find the river of Siargao. Best known for the one palm tree that is hanging over the river and is used as a diving board. The entry fee is just 20 PHP, a fair price but the area does not offer much. Right after entering, after a short walk, the palm tree will welcome you and that was also basically it.

They do offer more for an additional price though, like renting a boat that will bring you to a lagoon or firefly watching by night.

Magpupungko Rock Pool

This is the main attraction in Siargao and on every guide’s list; visiting the Magpupungko Rock Pools. Therefore, I decided to visit it as well. It took around 50 minutes from General Luna to get there and if you’re an early bird and have maybe started your sightseeing tour early, you could do it right after seeing the Maasin River or head towards it first and visit the other spots afterward, because you have to drive the same road to get there. However, I need to be honest with you, since it is the main attraction of Siargao, it’s very touristy but still can be fun though. All visitors are having a great time there, enjoying the pool, and definitely is a good day trip. Just be aware that the pool is packed with people.

After enjoying the pool, you can eat authentic Filipino food at one of the many restaurants that are located right next to it and relax at the beach, before heading all the way back to General Luna.

Viewing Point Cloud 9

Unfortunately, due to typhoon Odette the viewing point of Cloud 9 got completely destroyed during my visit (November 2022), but I bet that it was and will be a great spot for watching the surfers. By the way, Cloud 9 is one of the best surf spots in the world and an annual surf competition takes place here.

Explore General Luna

It is said that Siargao or especially General Luna is like Canggu before it got famous and crowded. Well, I can't really confirm that, and comparing two different towns with different cultures and people is not really fair game.

However, General Luna has its own vibe, and walking around the town is definitely a must. Walking without any plan is the best way to really get to know a town and explore places, you won't find on a tour guide's list and still are beautiful in their way.

On my daily strolls, I was quite fascinated by how the residents live on the island, and how little is needed. Some people have built their own homes with whatever they were able to find. Building a house made out of scrap iron, pieces of wood, or parts from a car. You won't get such insight by just following the touristy path and it definitely lets you appreciate the luxurious life you have back in Europe or another Western country.

What was fascinating, too, were the leftovers around the island from the typhoon that hit Siargao back in December 2021. I spoke with a local about their situation on the island, and it's almost unimaginable how a government just doesn't support rebuilding the island. The locals are left by themselves, therefore, lots of restaurants had to close, because they did not have enough money to rebuild them. Demolished buildings just stay as they are and you just see a few constructions around, even though there's enough to do.

Party at Harana

Although, Siargao is a small island it does have great nightlife. Every night something is going on there and some nights belong to specific locations. One of the biggest parties occurs every Saturday at Harana’s Resort. A local even told me that Filipinos are taking flights to attend that party. A bit exaggerated I would say.

However, I was there too and it definitely was a big and crazy party. When we arrived, it felt like the whole island was at that party, because we’d never seen so many scooters in one place in Siargao. It definitely is worth a visit (it’s free, so you can’t lose anything) and what makes every party amazing is with whom you attend the party and what kind of mood you have. But if you’re in a party mood and your party animals with you, the party at Harana definitely could be your place where you dance all night long.

Staying at Nawa’s Guesthouse

I have to cheer this place because it has saved my stay. Since I don’t have a place that I can call my home, it's become more and more important to me, that I feel comfortable where I stay. I don’t need much and am not looking for a luxurious apartment, and it would not be realistic to find such places with my travel budget, but I need a place where I can work online, a clean comfortable room including a bathroom.

The place we’d stayed before did not have that, and I felt very uncomfortable staying longer in Siargao, even though we were kind of exhausted from changing places all the time and just wanted to stay somewhere longer.

Fortunately, I found Nawa’s Guesthouse on Airbnb, which saved the trip to Siargao. It has everything, a clean and comfortable room, good internet, enough space for clothes and it was just welcoming from the start. I definitely can recommend staying at this place, if you ever find your way to Siargao.

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Dolly Beloya
Dolly Beloya
Dec 29, 2022

Beautiful ❤️

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