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Veggie Paradies: Your Guide to the Top Vegetarian-Friendly Cafés in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan has my heart. For me, an adventurous island where you're constantly on a mission to explore yourself.

After spending eight weeks in Koh Phangan, it was hard for me to leave. A beautiful island, with a unique spiritual vibe. And where people from the conscious community are, there are also many healthy, vegetarian-friendly cafés.

I tried a lot but found myself visiting four cafés frequently and would like to share them in this blog post. So, if you’re looking for a healthy, nourishing, and vegetarian-friendly brunch place/café - here you are.

Table of Contents:

Deli Devi - The Digital Nomad Hotspot

A café for digital nomads can be found amidst the palm trees, on the way to the spiritual zone. Deli Devi is the hotspot for those who want to work on their laptop and be productive for a while.

Plus, it has delicious, vegan food.

Deli Devi is known for their vegan cheese platter and online courses on producing vegan cheese at home. Unfortunately, I never got to try it, but I can recommend their Avocado Toast with Beetnut Hummus or any of their Smoothie Bowls (🤫 add extra fruit to have enough toppings).

The café is on the pricier side and you easily end up spending $10. On the other hand, you’re getting high-quality food, two hours of internet access, and a great environment for your creativity.

Vegan Brunch in Koh Phangan

Kia Ora - A Vegan Bliss

I think five stars with over 400 reviews on Google Maps says a lot about a place; honestly, Kia Ora deserves it.

The service, the atmosphere, and the food - I have nothing to complain about, only praise. If you have the chance to visit this place and you like savory dishes, do yourself a favor and try the mushroom toast, which is mouth-watering. They also serve the finest Matcha Lattes, filling Chia Pudding, and vegan Croissants.

Walu Bowls - The Best Smoothie Bowls On The Island

If you’ve read my other blog posts about breakfast/brunch places, you know I like to break my fast with smoothie bowls. For me, Walu has the best Smoothie Bowls on the island. Their bowls are huge, the base has the perfect consistency, and most importantly, the bowl has enough toppings.

I can’t tell how often I ordered the Pitaya Passion and a Peanut Banana Toast to share, but can also recommend their savory Buddha Bowls (the Maui Bowl is the best), the Avocado Toast, and the Pancakes. Besides the delicious food, Walu has the friendliest and most attentive staff, which made revisiting the place a no-brainer.

Walu is located in the Ban Tai area which is in the direction from Thong Sala to Haad Rin.

❗️Be aware that during the Full Moon season, the café has many visitors and since they provide freshly made food, it might take a long time until you get what you’ve ordered.

What’s Cup - Lose Yourself in the Wideness of the Ocean

If you want to dine in with a view, What’s Cup has the best. Although the food is not the best, I recommend paying a visit to their places at least once - the view makes it worth it.

What’s Cup is especially during the afternoon (it’s only open until 5:30 PM) a great place to sip a coffee and look at the sea. After the place is closed, I recommend heading to Haad Yao for a nice stroll on the beach and to watch the sunset.

More Vegetarian-Friendly Cafés to Explore on Koh Phangan

The cafés mentioned above, are those I visit regularly. Consequently, when your time is limited on the island, make it a priority to visit those. However, if you have more time to spare, I have more vegetarian-friendly cafés to recommend:

  • Pure Vegan Heaven: If you’re looking for a wide vegan menu you’ll find it here.

  • Prime Café: A café that serves high-quality food and very delicious Matcha Lattes. They have vegetarian and vegan options.

  • Indigo Speciality Coffee & Bakery: My second favorite spot to work on my laptop. A great environment, with delicious brewed tee and Matchas. I can’t recommend drinking a Cold Brew here.

  • Orion Café: Maybe you find yourself attending one of the many courses and classes they offer at Orion. Relaxing at the café afterward is a great way to treat yourself.

  • Southway Coffee Bar: A café with affordable food in the Thong Sala area. Unfortunately, I found the vibe in here not as comfortable as I had in other cafés.

  • Another vegan-only café with a huge menu. Everything sounded delicious and I wished, I could have tried out more.

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