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Canggu is literally food heaven and I've never eaten so good, fresh, and balanced somewhere abroad as during my stay in Canggu, it was kinda my personal mission to try as many restaurants as I could. Therefore, a whole food guide is dedicated to Canggu.



I never was a brunch person or someone, who eats breakfast in a restaurant/café. I liked salty food and skipped breakfast mostly to savor lunch right away. However, in Canggu, that has changed. I'd found so many places to eat so many fantastic dishes, whatever I was craving, I found it.


If you're ever looking for a big space, where you can work all day and get some food as well, Sari's Kitchen could be your place. They have fair prices and you won't feel bad, spending your entire day here, since it's very big. Just make sure that you're not too hungry, since it took forever until I received the food.


If you have to cross the Canggu shortcut, you can't miss this place. The café HOME is located at the Canggu shortcut and offers fancy healthy food. Although the service was quite nice and the food was quite okay, I didn't like the vibe there, but that's my opinion. You definitely can give it a try.


Unfortunately, I just ate at SATUSATU only once, but my visit was great there. And they have good coffee too. Very friendly staff, a good amount of food, and tasty coffee as well.


It's a very popular brunch spot, especially for vegetarians and vegans, so I had to try the famous Shady Shack.

Well, in my opinion, it's a bit overhyped. The food was okay, but not the best. Also, in comparison with other places pricey as well. I must say, the biggest plus was, that everything they had is vegetarian/vegan.


The menu of Koloni could need a new design, but it's definitely a good spot to eat breakfast as well.

Shoutout especially for being a good working space, since they offer different wifi accesses and have an air-conditioned room for working. A big plus and I've never seen it before, was the modern ring system to order food or pay your bill. Every table will receive a button, which you just click, whenever you need something.


Nüde was also a great place to brunch, with tasty smoothie bowls and other typical brunch dishes. It has a great vibe, and a nice interior and the staff was very friendly.


Copenhagen is a popular place to eat the most common breakfast goodies at once on one plate. You'll receive a form, where you choose what you'd like to eat for breakfast.

From smashed avocado to smoothie bowl, from every variety of eggs to sautéed mushrooms, you get small portions of it on a plate and indulge in your self-created meal.


It's a bit hidden, but another nice working space, where you can work until 11 pm. Secret Spot offers you good food from morning until evening and everything is vegan! I had the smoothie bowl, and it was really really good.


Another good location for working and eating brunch is the MIEL café. The interior is very nice, clean, and spacious and they have good coffee. Although I never ate something there, the food looked very good, especially the avocado toast.


The concept of the Give Café, as the name already mentioned, is to give. It's a non-profit café with tasty food - vegan only.

The café donates money to three alternating organizations and for a specific amount of money, you're going to receive a coin or even more than one and you can decide to which organization the donated money should flow.


One of my favorite cafés in Canggu was the Ruko Cafe. It's small and a bit off the crowd places, but the food there - yum! On Tuesday they have a promo for all sandwiches (55'000 IDR for every sandwich) and on Thursday every burger costs 70'000 IDR.

Although the staff wasn't really friendly and motivated, I went there at least three times! That says a lot about it.


A little unimpressive from the outside and definitely can't score with its looks, there's the Matcha Cafe. A very small cute café and the name says it all; they love matcha and I do too.

You find different kinds of food enriched with matcha (and some normal dishes as well). Every day they have a 70'000 IDR breakfast promo, that includes coffee/tea, juice, and chosen dishes.


It's definitely one of the most popular cafés in Canggu and it totally deserves it! The Crate has a minimalistic interior, but the system behind everything is excellent. It's always packed, and very lively.

They have a diverse menu and it's a place where you definitely get enough because the portion sizes are huge and for a very fair price.

I ordered an omelet once and I'm sure they literally made it with at least 5 eggs. I definitely can recommend the French toast, the salad bowls, and the tofu scrambled egg. Everything was tasty.


The first time I discovered it was in Uluwatu and I had by far the best shakshuka for breakfast at Suka.

When I traveled to Ubud, I was excited that they have another restaurant there, and then I heard, that there's another one in Canggu, just with another name - Lusa by Suka.

If you're early enough (before 11 am) you can benefit from the promotion, various dishes for 55'000 IDR. Along with the shakshuka, the smoothie bowls were very good as well.


Lunch and Dinner

I must say, that I tend to revisit good places over and over again, especially dinner places. In fact, if I revisit it often, that means I like it very much. I can't tell you how many times I was at my number one place, but good thing was, that the place just opened another place in Ubud (click here for my Ubud guide).


I guess this place is for all the burger lovers and I did hear good stuff about it. Regrettably, after having the mushroom patty, my belly did not feel well.


Another good Italian spot and place for partying on Mondays are Luigi's Pizza. Why Monday? Well, the restaurant turns into a club and almost everyone is there, enjoying the music and the tasty pizzas. If you'd like to eat there on a Monday, make sure to reserve early! The places are limited, otherwise, you can just come by for a drink and to dance. The pizzas are good but pricey. One Pizza Margherita costs you 140'000 IDR, which is the same value as a standard European pizza.


As already mentioned above, Secret Spot has decent food for dinner as well. They're famous for their lasagne but their signature burger is the outstanding thing. Their mashed potatoes with jackfruit stew were good as well.


If you'd like to experience the Sushi train, a visit on Sundays at Sushimi is definitely a must, because every plate only costs 20'000 IDR. Good variety of sushi, unfortunately, they did not have lots of vegetarian or vegan options.


Another nice sushi place that has many vegetarians or vegan options. On Sundays, they have a promo, where you get 2 rolls for the price of one (only the normal sushi rolls), and on Wednesday every special roll costs 65'000 IDR. They have three different locations. Unfortunately, the service is poor and the food took ages, besides that, it's a very good place to dine in.


Another good place to dine in is I'm Vegan Babe and as the name already reveals, every dish is vegan. Good portion size, tasty food, and a nice ambiance. I had an Asian-inspired Buddha bowl with rice, tempeh, and veggies - very delicious and my boyfriend had the mashed potatoes with their special breaded "chicken".


If I have to give a price for the friendliest staff in Canggu, I'd give the price to Da Romeo.

An Italian restaurant located in the Berawa area. They make tasty pasta (try out the Pici Verdi, so good!), have pizza, calzone, delicious tiramisu, and tasty cocktails as well. Also, you definitely need to try the pizza with melanzane - it's so good! But as I already mentioned, besides all that, I've never felt so precious in a restaurant, they'd literally do everything for you.

They have a special promotion every Wednesday, where you get two calzones for the price of one.


When I was in Thailand, I was desperately looking for vegetarian options and it was rare to find. When I visited Anaga, they had lots of Thai dishes with vegetarian options. I went there three times and never got disappointed. Hands down especially for the Panang curry and definitely give a try to Pad See Ew and the Papaya salad as well.


You can hear the rhythmic Spanish music from a distance and you can be sure, visiting this restaurant won't make you tired. Lola's is the place for Mexican food and good vibes. It's always packed, and loud. For me, it was the best place to start a long and fun night. From tacos to burritos and from fajitas to enchiladas, they have all the Mexican dishes. If you're lucky, you could make it to Taco Tuesday, where you get a free taco for every Margherita.


My absolute favorite place in Canggu, and I even consider say in the whole of Indonesia is Warung Local. Warung means local restaurant and this restaurant can't be more local.

What speaks for this restaurant? Well, it's unbelievably cheap, very tasty and fresh, has vegetarian and vegan options and you get your food right away.

What can you eat at Warung Local? Nasi Campur! Nasi is the Indonesian word for rice and Campur means mixed and a local way to eat. With your rice, you can choose from a buffet and you can mix your own food plate with whatever you'd like. Just the perfect way to try out the variety of Indonesian food.

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