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Top 5 Vegetarian Dinner Places in Cape Town (2023)

It’s already halftime of my stay in Cape Town and I’ve been trying out so many restaurants every night. There are a lot of restaurants on my want-to-go list, and I’m sure I’ll even find more gems. Nevertheless, I want to dedicate my first blog post about Cape Town to my five favorite dine-in places. In the beginning, it was hard to decide which places I should visit since Cape Town seemed not as vegetarian-friendly as other places (in my opinion!), but after doing detailed research, I’ve found many restaurants with vegetarian dishes on their menu and even fully vegetarian ones. For now, I have five places in total to recommend and definitely will revisit them during the end of my stay.

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The Cousin’s Trattoria

This is a gem and a perfect place for a date night. Run by three cousins from Italy you already know what will await you; traditional Italian food. Everything is mouth-watering and delicious from simple Gnocchis to their famous Cousin’s Pasta (Linguine with a white sauce tossed in a Parmesan wheel). You must try their crostinis with five different toppings, where everyone is unique. The Melanzane is enormous, cheesy, and rich in flavor. And if you’re into white sauces you must try the Cousin’s Signature Pasta with a touch of truffle.

Besides the food, I’m an absolute fan of the waitresses. Everyone is courteous, attentive, and hospitable. Overall, by far the best restaurant in Cape Town!

Aiko Sushi

Since following a vegetarian diet, eating Sushi ain't that fun anymore. Most of the time you can only eat simple Maki with either cucumber or avocado or California Rolls with, surprise surprise... Yes, avocado or cucumber. Therefore, I was looking forward to trying this place out, since they have a huge vegan menu. Additionally, from Sunday to Wednesday, there's an all-you-can-eat promotion for vegan rolls only, which means that for only 199R ($10) you can eat as many rolls as you like.

Those two facts, the wide vegan menu, and the promo made my dinner experience almost unbeatable. We almost tried everything vegan on their menu (except the deep-fried options) and that made not eating fish in such an establishment never so easy.

Even for non-vegetarians that is a must-try place. The plates of others looked amazing, and the fish looked fresh.

Three Wise Monkeys

Surprisingly, this place made it on that list, because the first visit was an absolute disaster. We waited almost an hour for a table, the staff was unorganized, and it took ages until we got our food plus they also forgot our drinks.

Somehow the Ramen we ate was stuck in our heads, and we gave this place another try. This time it was better, we waited around 10 minutes until we got our table (they don't take reservations), we got our whole order right the first time, and we had a pleasant waiter.

Although the service is not the best, the Ramen is amazing. For only 100R (5$) you get a huge delicious bowl with veggies, an egg, and lots of noodles. I was never able to finish the dish by myself.

Noodle Box

Looking for a spot, where you get your food quickly, and also in the mood for good Asian food? Here it is, the Noodle Box is an easy-going establishment, that will welcome you with a minimalistic interior, and the best dishes from the most diverse continent; Asia. It's definitely not the most romantic restaurant to dine in, but the best we've found in Cape Town so far. Somehow the city doesn't have many that offer Asian food besides Sushi. In spite of that, a must-try place for me, and the location is perfect for having a drink afterward.

I personally can recommend two dishes, and can't imagine ever ordering something else: the Indonesian Nasi Goreng and the Japanese-inspired Udon Mushroom Noodles, both vegetarian-friendly.

I Love The Dough (Bree Street)

Except that the pizza is an Italian dish, there’s nothing truly Italian about this restaurant. The interior gives me American teenage movie vibes, with its neon lights, and the diner-inspired furniture.

However, the pizza is really good, and I like the simplicity of their menu. They named their pizza with simple numbers, and the salads are simple letters (from A to D). My partner and I always order pizza number one, because you can never go wrong with a basic Margherita pizza, and number two. Number two is a mushroom pizza with some truffle oil. Of course, a salad can't be missed, there's no better combination to enjoy your pizza with a juicy and nourishing salad.

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